A Creditors’ Rights Advocate with More than 200 Years of Service

At the Albany law firm of Cooper Erving & Savage LLP, we represent banks, financial institutions, businesses and other commercial clients in debt collection. We also represent creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases to ensure their rights are protected during the process. Our attorneys work with clients statewide and can handle all aspects of collection, including recovery and reporting.

Our lawyers provide hands-on attention to our commercial clients, while maximizing value through automated collections and efficient legal service. In many cases, the expense of the collections process can make it difficult for businesses to recover money that is owed. At our firm, we have helped business clients recover debts cost-effectively through planning and sound collection practices that meet the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).


There are many methods that our firm has used to protect the rights of creditors and to maximize the returns they receive from debtors. These methods include:

  • Adversary proceedings: A lawsuit in a pending bankruptcy that contests the discharge or denial of debts
  • Relief from stay: Lifting the “automatic stay” against a debt collector during a bankruptcy action can allow the collector to pursue assets and money in state or federal court
  • Fraudulent conveyance actions: If it can be proven that the intent of actions in a bankruptcy were to delay or defraud creditors, it may be possible to avoid the discharge of debts
  • Involuntary bankruptcy: Creditors may combine with other creditors to protect existing assets against further loss by forcing debtors into involuntary bankruptcies

In bankruptcy and in collections practice, our firm will ensure that your rights as a creditor are always protected and that you are not taken advantage of by fraudulent or illegal actions.


Learn more about creditors’ rights in loan workouts, foreclosure, bankruptcy and other consumer and commercial debt collection. Call Cooper Erving & Savage LLP at 888-352-3751 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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