Prolonged Litigation Can Deplete an Estate’s Assets

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Probate litigation is an extremely complex area of law that has a direct effect on people’s lives. If you are involved in a dispute over a loved one’s will or other estate planning vehicle, our experienced litigators will advocate on your behalf to ensure your rights are fully protected.

Have you been denied the funds that have been left to you? Are you involved in a dispute with a relative over the administration of an estate or guardianship? At Cooper Erving & Savage LLP, we can answer your questions and craft a sound legal strategy for obtaining what was rightfully left to you. We also represent trustees and estate administrators who face legal challenges.

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Upstate New York Probate Litigation Attorneys

If a family member was taken advantage of when they were creating their will, the resulting document should not be allowed to stand. We have extensive experience in will contests and other probate disputes, and will fight to protect your rights and interests.

At Cooper Erving & Savage, our attorneys handle a broad range of estate and probate litigation such as:

  • Will contests
  • Guardianship proceedings
  • Drafting powers of attorney
  • Abuse of powers of attorney
  • Undue influence
  • Improper conduct of trustees and guardians
  • Article 81 proceedings
  • Diversion of assets
  • Misappropriation of funds
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